The Crystal Ball
Grab Bags  

What is a 'grab bag'.

Well, the plates of unmounted stamps you see on this site are complete and perfect. Each one was checked individually at the manufacturer's site, but also checked on delivery to the retailer.

However, the process of checking highlights occasional problems with one image on an otherwise perfect plate. When this happens, the plate is cut up and the flawed images are disposed of and the other images go to make up a 'grab bag'.

A grab bag is made up of high quality, individual stamps. We usually have a minimum of seven stamps of varying sizes in our grab bags. Total value of a grab bag (if not sold as a grab bag!) would be approximately £20.

None of the stamps in any grab bag are duplicated and, if you wish to order more than one, we'll ensure that there are no duplications in any of the bags. We can't provide pictures; you get a mystery bag.

5.00 (New)
  We also have some grab bags that contain stamps which have been used as demonstration stamps in the are, obviously, second hand. There's only a few of these and they are already mounted, some on Easy Mount and some on Velcro. Again, no pictures I'm's a surprise!
2.50 (Second Hand) - Check before paying; only two left

Selling quality goods for the rubber stamper at rock, ROCK, bottom prices. This is possible as the stock has been acquired as a result of a business closure. Remember, buy now as, once it is gone, it is gone forever on this site.